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Terry Smith signwriting course 14-18th October 2024

Terry Smith, a traditional signwriter, has been working in the traditional way,  creating posters, pub and house signs, illustrations, murals, coach painting and lining for over 35 years. In a computer age, he has kept the traditional methods of signwriting alive, developing a national reputation for his craft and appearing in many publications, such as Country Living.

Sandy Hill Arts is delighted to be able to offer a specialist signwriting course that will take place over the course of four and a half days on our beautiful site. Participants will be shown how to create traditional signs, using the traditional methods with tools, learning how to master multi-dimensional lettering and application of enamel with sable brushes. By the end of the course, pupils will have produced their own piece of signwriting, in their own personal design.

This course would be ideal for those with a love of all things vintage and a desire to learn how to recreate the period signs found on steam railway stations, shop fronts, wooden boats or vintage vehicles. Terry is keen to enthuse others and share his skills and craft, so that the art of traditional signwriting lives on. Those who have completed his course may have the opportunity to be supported by him, should they develop a real love and talent for it.

Those with a passion for  vintage style, and interest in participating in the course, but who live a little further afield,  could take the opportunity to stay on the Isle of Purbeck for the week. Sandy Hill Arts is set in a stunning location, just below Corfe Castle and next to the steam railway station- a vintage enthusiast’s dream setting.

To read an interview with Terry click here

Course dates and times:

Monday 14 October : 2pm – 5pm
Tuesday 15 October : 9am – 5pm
Wednesday 16 October : 9am – 5pm
Thursday 17 October : 9am – 5pm
Friday 18 October: 9am – 1pm

Course overview

Day 1

Explain the OHV method of teaching one dimension lettering and subsequently draw out 3 inch alphabet in Gill Sans Serif using straight edge and triangle.

Explain the chalk pounce method of transferring lettering to practice boards and subsequently set out boards using tape measure and chalk line.

Day 2

Transfer, as discussed, the alphabet and introduce second dimension ( ie. spacing) into the mix, explaining the imaginary volume principle of peculiar shaped vessels holding a similar amount of fluid.

Lunch break

Begin applying lettering enamel to practice board using ‘mahl’ stick, sable writing pencil brushes and dipper of writing enamel. Explain subtle use of brushwork to create letter shapes with minimum strokes.

Day 3

Continue writing alphabet and introduce students to third dimension ( ie shading of lettering ) by way of a dropped shadow and explain compound shading.

Lunch break

Discuss design of student’s work pieces and assist with layout and choice of colour and typography. Create pounce on paper in readiness for day 4 and students’ own work piece.

Day 4

Transfer design/ logo from pounce to work piece, apply enamel in more than one colour. Discuss mixing enamel and good use of colour to create and aesthetically pleasing work piece .

Continue with work piece and discuss end results. Lively question and answer session. Conclude course.

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Terry Smith Signwriting course autumn 2024
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Terry Smith Signwriting course 14-18th October

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14th October 2024


9:00 am - 5:00 pm


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