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Neurospicy Creativity Workshop

A neurospicy Creativity Workshop with Jane Woods, accredited ADHD and wellbeing coach, cancer coach and forager.

Time to be your true self, with your tribe within the beautiful haven and creative hub of Sandy Hill Arts. We’ll explore together what it means to have a neurospicy brain, the struggles and the successes. Learn tools and techniques to work with your brain to manage overwhelm, procrastination, concentration, sensitivity to rejection, failure and comparison and calm your inner critic.

ADHD brains are also adaptable, resilient, unconventional, passionate and compassionate. When it comes to adaptability we can take great inspiration from nature and we’ll be inviting her into our conversations. Discover your natural strengths to take you from surviving to thriving in your personal and professional life. To appeal to your interest based nervous system we’ll also be having fun with Hapa Zome, the Japanese art of leaf print.

“Jane specialises in ADHD coaching, & her insights really resonated with me, even without an official diagnosis. My always busy mind, constant activity, & dedication to client satisfaction made me realise the importance of self-care and self-love, something I often forget in the hustle. Jane’s positive approach & unique coaching style can help you navigate your thoughts in a way that will help you with self-growth & discovery too” – Louise



10th May 2024


10:00 am - 2:00 pm


  • Jane Woods
    Jane Woods

    Art was my best subject at school and growing up on Exmoor gave me a love of nature and messing about outside. I wanted to go to art college but instead I turned down a job with the Foreign Office and became an estate agent!

    After a long and successful career in the corporate world of pharmaceutical sales, I pursued my interest in coaching and facilitation with the NHS and the private sector, specialising in resilience, emotional wellbeing, trust, collaboration and positive change. I’m also a cancer coach for several cancer charities.

    I also became an accredited ILM5 Coach, ILM Wellbeing Coach, Conversations Worth Having/Appreciative Inquiry Trainer, CBT practitioner, and ADHD coach, and I like to combine the benefits of art, nature and wellbeing, where possible.