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Notating Birdsong – spontaneous mark making with Suna Imrie

A magical workshop capturing the beauty of birdsong through spontaneous brush-based mark making with acclaimed artist Suna Imrie, who says of her practice, “Capturing birdsong through mark making early each morning has become my meditation. It’s liberating to be so spontaneous and free with my ink brush and it brings me right into the present moment.”
This two hour session  at Sandy Hill Arts, part of our Dawn Chorus Celebration morning, is in four parts:
  • first a short meditation where participants simply listen to the birdsong in silence
  • Followed by an exploration of  mark making with a variety of brushes and implements
  • Then participants find a quiet spot by themselves to practise
  • Finally all the participants make a large group birdsong drawing/painting together.
Suna will bring brushes, paint and the large paper for the group piece but participants may want to experiment with other materials they could bring along ( charcoal, ink, chalk etc) and they would need to bring sketch books or paper for playing on initially.


11th May 2024


10:00 am - 12:00 pm
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