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Drawing and Painting workshop with Artist Heather Gibbons – Nov 23

Pushing the aesthetic boundaries: A one-day Workshop with artist Heather Gibbons

Join us for a day of creative exploration with talented Purbeck-based artist, Heather Gibbons, as she guides you through this unique workshop, giving you the opportunity to dive into the realm of imagination, embracing uncertainty, and discovering the beauty of experimentation.

Heather will be running two full-day workshops on Saturday 7 October and Saturday 4 November (10am – 4pm).

Heather’s artistic philosophy revolves around the idea of “To Play” is “To Create,” where every stroke of the brush and every drawn line becomes an exciting opportunity to birth something new and captivating. Just like Picasso, who once said, “I think of an idea, then it becomes something else,” this workshop will liberate your thoughts and inspire you to bring your artistic visions to life. This quote by Picasso suggests a certain freedom of thoughts and imaginings interpreted through paint and the drawn line.

In this immersive workshop, Heather will lead you through a series of imaginative practical studies focusing on Shape, Colour, Line, Rhythm, and Texture, taking still-life and natural form as your inspiration.

We’ll provide paper and card materials for your creative exploration, but we encourage you to bring your own preferred artistic tools. Let your creativity flow through the mediums that inspire you the most. 

This one-day workshop is an exceptional opportunity to learn from a skilled artist and push the boundaries of your aesthetics. Spaces are limited, so make sure to secure your spot early.





4th November 2023


10:00 am - 4:00 pm