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‘Seed’ – a 15 Days in Clay exhibition

You might have caught this longstanding ceramic project’s very powerful exhibition at Durlston Castle’s Fine Foundation Gallery early in the year.  We are very pleased to welcome the work to Room 14 too.

‘Seed’, 20 years of growth

“Seed” is an exhibition celebrating our 20 year journey.

Initially inspired by a single seed sown by Janna Edwards in 2003 when Janna successfully secured funding for a group of eight adults with learning difficulties to experience 15 day sessions working with clay – hence the name 15 Days in Clay.

Janna wanted to facilitate everybody’s right to be an artist. She holds a passionate belief that regardless of ability and experience, we are all capable of creativity.  At the end of the 15 weeks, there was the very first exhibition. Twenty years later with many more creative seeds planted, grown and shared we present “Seed” our most powerful and ambitious installation to date.

Durlston and Holton Lee provided the visual inspiration for the pieces. Seashore, Rock, Tree and Meadow, areas which form part of these habitats, this inspiration provided the base of the sculptures. The colours and glazes used represent the colours of these ever-changing landscapes. The artists decided on their base, and using the environment we collected bark, rocks, lichens, seaweed and grasses. These were used directly on the clay surface to create impressions, textures and an authenticity that lay directly within the immediate landscape.

The community of seed pod figures represent every year of growth, so 20 in total. They represent the potential and power of a seed and that we are all connected by life. Mindful of our guardianship of this planet and our responsibility as artists, we wanted the sculptures to be living sculptures. We have incorporated habitats for inspects and wildlife into the pieces. Our hope is that the pieces will become part of the landscape both supporting, sustaining and sowing new seeds of life.

The seeds of thought running throughout the sculptures are taken directly from the artists. They are there for you to consider, to takeaway and germinate in your own life. This installation is a vehicle to translate the thoughts and feelings of the artists. There is no singular ownership of the work. We are all individuals that create and connect as one. Take away the work’s details, impressions and words…… allow them to sit and grow on you.

This installation represents the creative hard work of all the talented inspirational artists, volunteers and the ‘15 days’ family.


What seed shall you plant today?



29th October 2023


10:00 am - 4:00 pm
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